In a nutshell…

My name is Aristides Milios, and I’m a highly motivated machine learning researcher passionate about making machine learning more interpretable and effective at learning the way humans do. I am also passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and design thinking education, at both the secondary and tertiary level.

In high school, I co-founded a startup called, which went through the Launch36 and Propel ICT accelerator programs in Atlantic Canada, and used WiFi beacons to track customers through brick-and-mortar stores and provide Google-Analytics-style analytics to store owners.

As part of my efforts to promote entrepreneurship and design thinking education, I jointly co-founded Hoist Halifax, a club with monthly workshops for teens who are interested in technology and entrepreneurship. I was involved in promoting entrepreneurship and design thinking at Dalhousie University for the duration of my studies, going through the rigorous University Innovation Fellows program, organized by Stanford’s of Design, and becoming a Fellow of the program at Dalhousie. As co-president of the Dalhousie Entrepreneurship Society, I organized a series of design thinking workshops on campus, open to students of all faculties.

I did two research internships at MarineTraffic Inc. (summer 2018 and winter 2019), in Athens, Greece, researching the fusion of AIS ship tracking data and radar-based satellite imagery, in cooperation with the Institute for Big Data Analytics at Dalhousie University. In the fall of 2019, I completed an internship at the Know-Center research institute in Graz, Austria, doing research into Active Learning and interactive dataset labelling.

I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science with First Class Honours at Dalhousie in August of 2020, and am now engaging in ML research at Dalhousie until I begin graduate school in the fall of 2021.